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Good Fxcking Music

In April 2020 we were all bored as fuck.  

Being an extrovert, I knew I wanted to gather people but had no idea how. 

But then I thought...

What if a ton of musicians I just met in NYC hopped on a Zoom call and shared their music with each other?

So the next night, we did it.

So I quickly reached out to a friend and in just 1 hour we had a poster, a Zoom link and over 20 confirmed artists for the event planned for the next night all titled  Good Fucking Music. 


The next night, musicians from from Miami to London to NYC to LA hopped on the call. Each artist would send us their song and raise their hands in participants if they wanted to play a song. When it was their turn, they would introduce themselves sndwe would play their song for the group. After this, the group would clap, show love, give feedback and send out more information on future collabs or future releases. 

The feeling was electric.

The first one lasted until 4am

Then we did it again the next Friday...

and it lasted until 3am

Every time a session ended,

we left with the incredible feeling that building community was the ultimate power

Since April 2020, 

Good Fxcking Music has become a community and a movement.

  • 40+ online Listening sessions

  • a Good Fucking Mentorship program with 35+ artists

  • GFM competitions with Beatstars to RevoltTV to Sean Micheal Field

  • 3 Masterclasses with DonSmith, Zach Felber, GirlGangNYC, CoffeehouseNY

  • a GFM Radio to put on small artists

  • a 7 person BIPOC core team based all over the world

  • and 3 live shows in both NYC and Philly

Sh*t we did.

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