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Tori Husain

Raised by my hardworking Colombian and Indian parents in a Philly suburb, I was always taught the values of love, community, initiative and hard work. And zoo-wee-mama, did these values take me far. 

Up to 18 years old I was super involved -- participating in school musicals, school choir, Girl Scouts, community service clubs, Model United Nations, club travel soccer, intramural volleyball, school tennis (as the captain), track, volunteering/internships with Rise Against Hunger and was the founder a racial justice club, HERE.

In 2019, I was admitted to NYU and the Tori shenanigans continued on.
At New York University, I continued to do educational justice work with Teens Take Charge, Publicolor, my Rubin Hall floor, WorldChangers mentorship and later, the founder of OpentheFuckUp and Good Fxcking Music. Here, I have been bleed with an extensive friend group of humans that consistently add to the quality of my life and get to study what I am passionate about : how to organize people towards liberation.

As of now, I am an artist, an organizer and a happy human.
 I live to connect and am constantly challenging myself to remain in the present and grateful for every force keeping me alive.

Thank you for being here. I really appreciate you.
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