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A brand strategist for winners.

Digital marketing is overwhelming.
As a business owner, between managing customers needs and other business functions, digital marketing is probably the last thing on your mind.
(and scary as hell!)
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I'm Tori Husain
 Marketing Strategist / NYU Gallatin Student / Organizer
+ I create brand strategies + systems for small businesses
so you focus on 
building your business.

(I've got the rest!)
AKA My Services.
  • Logo
  • Brand kit - colors, logos, etc.
  • Brand assets -​​ business cards, slide deck, email signatures. & more!
  • Customer analysis surveys - understanding product/market fit
  • Marketing messaging - website, social media ad messaging, email marketing
  • Social media content strategy - a 1 year+ plan with needed assets, emails and timeline 
  • Marketing strategy - from podcasts to sponsorship programming

Some previous work.
A Full company rebranding
  • Customer analysis surveys conducted for best product-market fit
  • New fun & professional brand look and logo
  • New sleek website that brings visitors close to the product with intentional messaging
  • New branding assets - business cards, email signatures, slide deck, etc.
  • Full social media strategy for 1year+
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Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 1.26_edited.jpg

New website with clean, professional feel

  • Customer quotes

  • Custom images taken on site of business

  • Product descriptions that match customer need

Upgrade your brand to its full potential.
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